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D. Julio López Mejías Grant for the IB Diploma Programme application process now open

D. Julio López Mejías Grant for the IB Diploma Programme application process now open

6 junio 2017 Compartir

The Goñi and Rey Foundation will announce the D. Julio López Mejías Grant for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Colegio de San Francisco de Paula for the next academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 as part of its study assistance plan. The main objective of this biannual grant is providing bright young students from underprivileged backgrounds with access to an excellence education approved by the International Baccalaureate (IB); the IB Organisation is a Foundation that has a consultative status at the UNESCO, and it is also recognised by the Council of Europe.
The aim of this grants programme by the Goñi and Rey Foundation is to make a valuable contribution to society through the enhancement of this kind of helps targeted at those families who are most disadvantaged, offering an opportunity to study a very international and prestigious curriculum and assuring access to equality of opportunity through education.
To apply for this grant, it is necessary to have been born in 2001 or after this date, to have obtained an average grade of 9.0 during the last academic year of Secondary Education and that the Parents income is set within the threshold 3 of the family income index of the Official Gazette of the Spanish Government for the academic year 2016-2017, published on July 16, according to the information provided in the 2016 income tax return.
One-member families: 14.112 y 14.826 euros.
Two-member families: 24.089 y 25.308 euros.
Three-member families: 32.697 y 34.352 euros.
Four-member families: 38.831 y 40.796 euros.
Five-member families: 43.402 y 45.598 euros.
Six-member families: 46.853 y 49.224 euros.
Seven-member families: 50.267 y 52.810 euros.
Eight-member families: 53.665 y 56.380 euros.
The selection of grant holders shall be undertaken by a committee consisting of:
-The President of the Goñi and Rey Foundation.
-The Head of Colegio de San Francisco de Paula.
-A representative of the former student whose grant will be handed over.
The committee will consider the following criteria:
-The applicant's academic record.
-The family income.
-The reasons and interests that the applicants have to receive the grant, which shall be explained in a declaration document as detailed below in the 'application processing' section.
The committee reserves the right to interview the pre-selected candidates, according to these criteria, as well as to declare the grant null and void if none of the candidates is eligible.
The grant shall provide expenses derived from enrolment, full education, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme fees, international examination fees, all books and the basic scholar specialised material for the Programme.
The duration of the grant is two years, without the possibility of extension; that is, the two years corresponding to the fulfilment of the Programme.
Once the grant holders are selected, they need to:
a) Optimally fulfil the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, with all expected requirements and passing all subjects in June.
b) Respect the School internal rules and be part of the students community in every way.
c) Fill in a final report regarding their stay at the School.
d) The value of this grant is not compatible with any other educational grant.
e) The parents will commit to monitor the student's performance, attending to meetings as planned by the School's usual procedure.
The Foundation will monitor the grant holders and it reserves the right to null the grant if they show a lack of interest in the curriculum or a misbehaviour regarding the School's rules.
The annulment of the grant by the Foundation, as well as the resignation or abandonment by the grant holder will not generate any economic profit for the grant holder at all, not in cash nor in kind.
The application form shall include the following information:
-Application form duly completed, which can be downloaded from the Foundation's web site.
-Academic certificate issued by the educational centre where the student coursed the last year of Secondary Education.
-Stamped copy issued by the bank or proof of receipt of the 2016 income tax return (IRPF). If it does not apply, a waiver issued by the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency).
-Personal curriculum of the student detailing other academic and non-academic merits and grades: awards, extra curricular activities, charity, languages, etc.
-A dated and signed statement by the applicant with the reasons and interests to apply for the grant. This statement should not exceed more than one page length (3000 characters).
Applications shall be submitted from the 3rd to the 8th of July. All documents shall be sent to the following address if you choose conventional mail:
Fundación Goñi y Rey
Programa de Becas
C/Santa Ángela de la Cruz, nº 11.
41003 Sevilla
If you choose email you should title the subject of the email as 'Programa de Becas' and send it to
Following the deadline, the committee will assess the applications and determine the selection of two candidates before the end of July. The decision of the committee is final.
In the case of being one of the awardees, the original documentation will be requested within no longer than 7 calendar days.


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