Mr. Luis Rey Romero


Mr. Luis Rey Romero always had the wish of creating a foundation. Due to a number of reasons he could never end up doing it, but the idea survived and it now comes into being. With such happy motive this little volume is now printed, in an attempt to summarise the aims and fulfilment of the aforementioned dream.
No one better than Mr. Luis himself to express his ideas, hopes and reflections. A short time after the detection of his final illness he had a few conversations with Mr. Manuel Bellido: and the latter’s permanent affection makes it possible that now we access the vivid transcription of those encounters. Now printed for the first time, these words, as valid now as when they were recorded, are a sort of intellectual last will, with clear conscience of the circumstances in which it is issued. The answers weave the profile of someone who literally wore his life out in the commitment to co-operate for a better, fairer, more humane and more humanistic society.
Precisely this is the hope of the nascent Foundation. Its exceptional Board of Governors reflects its ambitious aims, as well as the generous nature of its members, who have immediately and unanimously accepted to be appointed. Most of them are logically alumni from Colegio de San Francisco de Paula. Some are the representatives of the institutions which matter the most for the activity of the Foundation: Seville City Council, University of Seville, Pablo de Olavide University and the International Baccalaureate Organisation, through his division for Africa, Europe and Middle East. Last but not least, a most selected group of figures whose diverse origins and accomplishments bring even more value, variety and independence to this initiative

>> Download interview with Mr. Luis Rey Romero by Mr. Manuel Bellido