An educational center must be a nucleus that generates culture, progress, and cohabitation. For more than a century, and under the fundamental principles of respect and hard-work, the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula has tried to contribute to the development of society by preparing people in a way that will allow them to join it in a beneficial way.

The permanence of an institution like the school, despite the difficult circumstances through which both Spain and Seville have gone through during the last 125 years, has been possible thanks to the continuous effort from each person that has been involved with it, as well as the trust from the families that, generation after generation, have chosen it to collaborate in the education of their children.

Even in the toughest moments of war and dictatorship, the school has been a place of cohabitation and free speech. And, inside the possibilities of each moment, it has always been its intention to adopt the advancements that pedagogy and research have carried out, as well as expanding the students’ horizons and perspectives.


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