The Goñi and Rey Foundation, constituted

In November 2012 the official constitution of the Goñi and Rey Foundation took place, founded by the principal of the Escuela Infantil de San Francisco de Paula, Mrs. María Isabel Goñi, and the principal of the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Mr. Luis Rey (president and first vice-president of the foundation, respectively), and which is born with the objective of improving education in Andalusia and the rest of Spain. The members of the Board of Trustees, which will be renovated every seven years, participated in the founding under notary, with the presence of Mr. Luis Peche Rubio, notary from the illustrious Colegio de Sevilla, celebrating an initial meeting followed by a gala dinner with hundreds of guests from the institutional, university, business, professional, and cultural sectors in Andalusia. The Board of Trustees is composed of more than twenty prominent personalities from the institutional, educational, business, and professional sectors, with most of them being former students at the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula. Representing the political and institutional sectors will be, the mayor of Seville, Mr. Juan Ignacio Zoido; the provost of the University of Seville, Mr. Antonio Ramírez de Arellano; the provost of the Pablo Olavide University, Mr. Vicente Guzmán; the regional director of the International Baccalaureate Organization, Mr. Adrian Kearney; the special representative for the European Union in the southern Mediterranean, Mr. Bernardino León, and the europarliamentaries Mrs. María Teresa Jiménez-Becerril and Mr. Luis Yáñez-Barnuevo. Sin título

The scientific and educational sectors will be represented by the Prince of Asturias Prize for Investigation Mr. Manuel Losada Villasante; tenured Professor of philology from Harvard University Mr. Francisco Márquez Villanueva; tenured Professor of philology from the University of Michigan Mrs. Luisa López Grigera; tenured Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Seville Mr. Francisco Sánchez Burgos; tenured Professor in philology from the University of Seville and elected academic at the Royal Spanish Academy Mr. Juan Gil Fernández; tenured Professor of Architecture at the University of Seville and AYESA president Mr. José Luis Manzanares; and tenured Professor in Applied Economics from the Pablo Olavide University Mr. José María O’Kean.

Finally, the cultural, business, and professional world will be represented by lawyer and former mayor of Seville Mr. Manuel del Valle; writer Mr. Mohammed Moulessehoul, better known by his pseudonym Yasmina Khadra; the director of Seville’s Ancient Music Festival Mr. Fahmi Alqhai Kouri; businessman and Aplei’s General Manager Mr. Manuel Hidalgo; lawyer Mr. Luis Miguel Martín Rubio, manager for Ernst & Young in Andalusia; Human Resources director at PRISA, Mr. Juan Manuel Rueda; Proyecto Hombre Manager, Mr. Francisco Herrera del Pueyo; Retail Banking Manager at Banco Santander in Andalusia, Mr. Miguel Nogales; and journalist as well as partner and General Manager at Euromedia Communications, Mr. Miguel Ángel Robles.

In the development of its activities, the Foundation will act under the same principles of respect and hard work that have guided the trajectory of the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula throughout more than 125 years. With its naming, it renders tribute to Mr. Luis Rey Romero, principal at the School for twenty years and to whom the initial idea of the foundation is owed, as well as to Mrs. María Isabel Goñi, linked to the school throughout the past forty-nine years and current principal of the Nursery School. “Without them, without their work during the past half century, the School would not exist, and of course neither would the Foundation,” explains its vice president current principal of the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Mr. Luis Rey Goñi.



The Goñi and Rey Foundation intends to make contributions of interest for the pedagogical progress in Andalusia, Spain and the world, promote permanent dialogue between educational institutions and the social and economic sectors, contribute to the impulse of investigation in the technical scientific field and in that of social sciences and humanities, foment the permanent training and the professional development and favor the access of those who are economically disadvantaged to a quality education, among other goals.

In the development of those objectives, the Foundation will provide grants for training and I+D+I activities, as well as raise funds to carry out studies and research projects in the education sector, and promote conferences and scientific and professional encounters about educational innovation. It also hopes to collaborate with other institutions that seek similar ends, preferably universities and research centers.